Deep Thoughts from the Rail

IMG_1843This was the view leaving Vancouver on Friday July 3rd.  Was a beautiful night to set rail sail eastbound with VIA Rail.  I spent a delightful 4 days playing music and sharing stories with so many lovely travellers from all over the world (Mexico, US, UK, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), and have come away with the following………

1. An increased knowledge of Backgammon (thanks to Raouel and Carol..MOOSE!!)…2. That Clint Eastwood was in a musical called “Paint your Wagon.”….3. Techniques on how best to stay poisonous snake-safe in Australia and Simatra……..4. That no matter how crazy young children may be behaving…they love music they can growl to…….. 5. That playing next to someone who is sleeping can actually alter their perception of the reality they are in….hahaha…..6. That Seattle has a very cool music venue called Triple Door, and a Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival in November………7. That drumming in First Nations music symbolizes the pump of the heart…….8. There is a massive Maritime Museum in Halifax that I need to check out……..9. That apparently all country singers in the world are from Oklahoma, and that Blake Shelton rescues people…….10. That pyrite rock is symbolic with always having enough, and that sweetgrass is never to be burned without previously burning sage.

I love the train!  So many opportunities to meet new friends and learn new stories

After a marvellous stop over and House Concert in Oakville last night, I am (at this very moment) on the train heading to Ottawa to play at a wicked little place called A Thing For Chocolate with the team of Red Leaf Music.  Looking forward to being back, and to spending time with my newly acquired family :).

The adventures continue…………….



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