Instructing at the Georgia Straight Guitar Workshop June 3rd-5th

I am honoured to have been selected to be on the instructor team for the 25th annual Georgia Straight Guitar Workshop coming up in June.  This weekend of musical education presents a diverse pallet of new skills to learn, and great people to learn from.  I’m going to be facilitating 2 courses – Bending the Blues, and an intermediate improv/jam class.  These have focus on the guitar, but aren’t completely limited to it.

Click on the guitar below for a list of the classes and instructors.  There’s singing, songwriting, ukelele, guitar, hand drumming (west african and afro-cuban), opportunities to perform, and great people to meet.  It’s also held right near the stunning Crescent Beach.  Check it out:


Blarney Stone Fridays in May 4-7PM



Over the last four years of touring to eastern Canada, I have acquired a mass of Celtic inspired songs, and have written my own within this particular flavour.  It has now reached the point where I can now carry an early evening Celtic experience, and will be doing so every Friday in May at The Blarney Stone in Vancouver.  If you’re a fan of oysters and Guinness, they have a wicked Happy Hour during this time in your favour :).

I’m there singing my heart out from 4-7pm.

April Shows!

765c5b6fdd233e13285b456301e217feUpcoming show update!!

Friday April 8th – Luke’s, Vancouver, full band, 9pm.

Saturday April 9th – Tractorgrease, Chilliwack, with good friends in the picture above (Chicken-Like Birds), 7pm, $12

Friday April 15th – TD Bank, Downtown Vancouver, 12-2pm, instrumental performance

Wednesday April 20th – Vancouver Folk Song Society Feature, Friend’s Neighbourhood House, 70th/Oak street, 7:30 PM

Sunday April 24th – Chewies, Kitsilano/Vancouver, 7pm, solo

Monday April 25th – Brix, Yaletown/Vancouver, 8pm, solo

April 29th-30th, Kelowna, TBC


On the Road with the BC Touring Council

Ontheroadgroup2016Good day to yee all!  What a whirlwind this last week was….in all ways awesome!  I had the honour of being a part of this all star community that you see in the above photo.  These are the trainer/mentors and participants of a brand new workshop/program called “On the Road.”  It was organized by the BC Touring Council to help artists better understand the world of touring, and how to navigate music conference events such as Pacific Contact.

What is Pacific Contact you say?  It’s a multi-day event, and there are many others around Canada (Ontario Contact, OSAC, CAPACOA, Contact East) where venue and event presenters, agents, managers, and artists come together to see how they can help each other out.  Artists, agents, and managers present their craft and roster, and presenters book who they think will be a great fit for the communities they present to.

It was a fascinating experience to be involved with this event.  The BC Touring Council has been around doing this for 40 years!!!  This year was particularly revolutionary, as it was the first year they opened up a professional development component for emerging and aspiring artists.  This also gave a few of the artists a chance to pitch/perform their art in the actual conference to presenters, something that has never happened before.  On top of that, a youth advisory panel was assembled of young superstars around the province to raise awareness of issues surrounding the next generation of art presenting – an important step in arts world forward movement!

It’s exciting to see more community building initiatives being offered that walk artists through what it means to have a successful career.  Many artists do not know about conferences and programs like these, so if you are an artist or know an artist, please pass this post along, as it this is something every touring artists should at least be aware of.  Also, keep an eye on those in the photo above – they are an outstanding group of talented and dedicated artists, and will be making waves in the future!


Opening for Coalmont at Acoustic Emporium in Chilliwack this evening!

PKGAcoustic-Emporium-All-Inclusive-PackagelogoI’ll be warming up the audience at the lovely Acoustic Emporium this evening in Chilliwack.  Headlining the night will be Coalmont, a lovely group with amazing harmonies!  They managed to snag an award – 2015 GMA Country Song of the Year for their tune “Under the Stars!”  Can’t wait to meet them, and play in Chilliwack for the first time!!


Deep Cove Coffee House ROCKED!!

IMG_1676Nights like last night at the Deep Cove Coffee House make my heart swell…….No joke!!  What an incredible evening that was!! It was such an honour to play for a spectacular listening audience, to play with incredible musicians (left to right – Jasmin Frederickson and Ari Lantela from Chicken-Like Birds, and Kristina Jessin on violin/harmony), and to witness the pulling together of community.

For reasons unknown, the sound man of the night did not appear, but heroes among the crowd, volunteers, and openers of the night got it up an running.  This may not sound  like not a big deal, but when you have to pull together a sound system you’re unfamiliar with in minimal time, it’s a BIG DEAL!  Huge thanks to Ken Hamer, Ken Cade, Glenn Chatten, and folks that got the sound up and running for our segment of the evening!  Very special thanks to John Lyon for running this event, and to the Mount Seymour Church for the use of their space.

I’m all giddy inside!  Thanks all, and to Dan Bowditch who took the photo of us playing :).


Inside Van Series Video – Dire Straits Cover

I had the wicked opportunity to play one of my favourite cover tunes for Indie Van City’s Inside Van Series. Such a cool experience!!  Be sure to check out some of the other artists videos too.  One of my fav’s was Full Moon Riot! Thanks to Ryan McDonald at, Dwayne Morgan at June Production, all the gang at Nimbus, and to the wonderful Kristina Lao who organizes this all!!

Here’s to the Walk of Life!!