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Rocked the Roxy/Upcoming Shows

BandRoxyThanks to Jeff Arsenault for the above photo, and to all those who came out to support our first night at The Roxy!!  We had an absolute blast playing on that stage, especially when everyone bust out dancing to the Bowie tune we played!

We have another show/jam night tomorrow in Vancouver at Luke’s Corner Bar on Granville and 14th, 9pm.  Always makes for a fun evening!

A bunch of new shows are posted, and it is quite a variable palette this month from full band, to Folk Club, to collaborative Improv.  Be sure to check SHOWS for the where’s and whens.

It was also my birthday the other day, and I felt inspired to write up a new Bard’s Blog about turning into Larry Bird!!  




February Shows in Vancouver

DavidAlexanderMichaelAverill2016Aloha friends!!

Just had the opportunity to adventure to Kaua’i at the end of January with my wife. The trip was amazing, and I highly recommend going there, at least once in your lifetime if you can.  True to previous form, here’s a bard’s blog small world encounter from our journey – From Kombucha in Kauai to high school in Kelowna…

Recharged from the sun, I am very excited to be back in town, and to be playing for the first time at a legendary Vancouver venue on Saturday, February 27th – The Roxy!!

I will be joined with my bandmates, and we’ll be sharing the night with new local friend – David Alexander.  It’s an earlier show, so be sure to be there by 7:45 to catch us play….Got a great one planned ;).

We’ll also be doing a jam down evening at Luke’s on 14th and Granville tomorrow night (Friday Feb 12th), starting up at 9pm.  May have some special guests in attendance!