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Second Place at Studio Records Open Mic Final!!

StudioRecordsFinalsFun bit o news to share :).  I had the lovely honour of being included in the Studio Records Open Mic Contest Final among 8 solid local Vancouver musicians, and am happy to announce I placed 2nd in the bunch!

Twas a great night of song and merriment, and great to see songwriters coming together like this.  I’m loving the community that Studio Records is committed to building, and double highly recommend going to their events.  They really give a damn about local music and supporting the growing scene, so check out there happenings and go :).  We need more places like this in Vancouver.

Huge congrats to Kristina Lao, winner of the night, for knocking her performance out of the park!  Watch out for her in the future.

Awesome job to all the artists who played, and all the lovely folks who came out to support and experience it all.  I made a lot of great new friends.

Thanks to Jake Touzel for the above photograph, and for being awesome!



November Shows


Studio Records Open Mic Final Nov. 18th

StudioRecFinalsWell, there is a lot going on at Studio Records in downtown Vancouver.  In mid October, myself and my bandmates entered into a contest called Best in Vancouver, focused on full band dynamics.  We had an absolute blast playing our night with fellow Vancouver bands, Modern Day Poets, Flub the Duck, and out of town Island Funk Reggae Rockers – The Steadies.

They have also been running an open mic contest for solo artists on Wednesday nights over the last while, and will continue until the 18th of November – the final evening.  Although the band didn’t get into the final of Best in Vancouver, I got in as a solo for the Open Mic Final, so if you’re looking for something to do that night, come check out this beautiful venue, and some of Vancouver’s amazing local performers.

The finals for Best in Vancouver (Full Bands) happens on November 21st, and will be well worth checking out as well.


October Shows and Best in Vancouver Promo Video

YAY!!  It’s October!!  I absolutely love this month in general, but this particular October is going to be a ton of fun.

I just came off of the Vancouver Folk Society’s annual retreat weekend in White Rock, and would highly recommend this to anyone who loves to sing with a large group of really fun people.  I had an absolute blast, and averaged jamming till 3am every night.

Lots of great places and themes for upcoming shows all over the province, so check below for the wheres and whens.  Super pumped to go to Terrace in northern BC for the first time!!!

The video below is a teaser for one I am extremely excited about.  My bandmates and I are taking the stage at Studio Records, Oct. 16th, as part of a contest with some amazing musicians in town.  I have tickets for $10, so contact me if you’d like to get some in advance.  They are $12 at the door.

Otherwise, here where I be:

Oct. 9th – The Elephant Ear Bistro, Terrace, BC, 8pm, $10 cover

Oct. 10th – Terrace Farmer’s Market, Terrace, BC, 9am-1pm

Oct. 16th – Studio Records, Best in Vancouver Night 5, 7:30pm, $10/$12

Oct. 23rd – Luke’s, Vancouver, Full Band, 9pm, no cover

Oct. 24th – Zend Lounge, Yaletown Vancouver, solo and Zen like, 7:30pm

Oct. 25th – Rock’n’Roll Marathon, David Lam Park Seawall, 8:30am