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A special day to play your heart out


dad-guitar1Today is a special day.  4 years ago, my father left this world (the young man in the photo above).  That time came with a lot of questions, and the re-evaluation of my life and what I had been doing with it.

It was when I decided I was going to dedicate my time to pursuing music – a path that ironically led me to finding out a great deal more about my father I never knew.  It has drawn me so much closer to my immediate and extended family, as well as a wealth of lovely people I have met on my musical journey.

The above photo inspired a blog I wrote called “Play Your Heart Out,” which then became a song on the album I’ve been walking around Canada.

I can’t explain how powerful the path I have been on since then has been, and I’m writing this now to express my deep thanks to my family and all my new friends for their loving support.  You make every day of my life richer, and I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.

Here’s to my late Dad, Garry Averill, the positive ripples he had on so many people’s lives, and to forever playing your heart out!