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Show in Sydney, Cape Breton this Friday!


Deep Thoughts from the Rail

IMG_1843This was the view leaving Vancouver on Friday July 3rd.  Was a beautiful night to set rail sail eastbound with VIA Rail.  I spent a delightful 4 days playing music and sharing stories with so many lovely travellers from all over the world (Mexico, US, UK, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), and have come away with the following………

1. An increased knowledge of Backgammon (thanks to Raouel and Carol..MOOSE!!)…2. That Clint Eastwood was in a musical called “Paint your Wagon.”….3. Techniques on how best to stay poisonous snake-safe in Australia and Simatra……..4. That no matter how crazy young children may be behaving…they love music they can growl to…….. 5. That playing next to someone who is sleeping can actually alter their perception of the reality they are in….hahaha…..6. That Seattle has a very cool music venue called Triple Door, and a Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival in November………7. That drumming in First Nations music symbolizes the pump of the heart…….8. There is a massive Maritime Museum in Halifax that I need to check out……..9. That apparently all country singers in the world are from Oklahoma, and that Blake Shelton rescues people…….10. That pyrite rock is symbolic with always having enough, and that sweetgrass is never to be burned without previously burning sage.

I love the train!  So many opportunities to meet new friends and learn new stories

After a marvellous stop over and House Concert in Oakville last night, I am (at this very moment) on the train heading to Ottawa to play at a wicked little place called A Thing For Chocolate with the team of Red Leaf Music.  Looking forward to being back, and to spending time with my newly acquired family :).

The adventures continue…………….



Hittin’ the Rail Out East!

Tonight, I begin my summer tour festivities at the Big Rock Urban Eatery in Vancouver, BC, and tomorrow…….I’m hopping on and playing on an east bound train!  Really looking forward to coming out to Ontario and the Maritimes again :).  Check below for the where’s and when’s:


Creativity on the Road

Had to share this bit of stage engineering….My Dad and Red Green would be most proud!

While I was touring most recently through Alberta, last show I played presented a challenge – the only mic stand they had was duct taped at the centre, and could pivot, but could not be raised to my standing height level.

Simple solution….sit the whole night.  Thought about it, but this was going to be a long evening, playing from 9pm-2am, and wanted to mix it up a bit.

Enter more duct tape and beer buckets……




Story/Jam Night this Wednesday with Stephanie Ratcliff and Rob Fillo


BC Shows in May


Article in the Lloydminster Source

A second article was kindly written in lieu of the show tonight by the Lloydminster Source.  Click on their link below to read:


This Friday in Lloydminster with Crestwood


Really looking forward to playing in Lloydminster this Friday with these guys from Saskatchewan.  I have heard great things about them, and the The Root where we are playing together.  Check out Crestwood’s jazzy tazzy music here –  Should make for some awesome jams!

An article was written in the Lloydminster Meridian Booster about the upcoming night.  Click on the pic below to travel through cyber space there :).


CBC Searchlight Entry

I have entered the nation wide CBC Searchlight event, an initiative designed to share/showcase a whole whack of new Canadian music.

It is a voting structure, so if you’re down for that, click the photo below, and it will take you to the place you can do it.  Just scroll down the page past my face, and you’ll see an icon that says “VOTE.” Click on that, and it will say “VOTED.”  Easy peasy!!

MichaelCBCSearch2015jpgThere are a lot of great musicians in this from all over the country.  If you use Facebook, go to my music page, and you’ll find an “Event,” I made for this that links to other friends that are worth checking out.  Hope you discover someone new that you like!

You can vote everyday, for up to 10 artists, so have a blast!



Music Video for Mark Knopfler Contest

Call to viewing and sharing action!! :).  Mark Knopfler, one of my long time influences and heroes, put out a challenge to make him a music video for a tune of his new album Tracker.  The song is called “Wherever I Go,” and features Winnipeg’s Ruth Moody.  It’s a possible opportunity to work with Mark and his team, so we’ll see what happens :).

I had a blast creating this with the help of Shera Kelly, Judy Averill, and Kat Smyth!  Thank you guys so much.  This is my first theatrical video, so enjoy, and share with those you think would dig it!

Mission Coffee House – March 28th!

I am very excited to be coming to Mission this Saturday to play in the Clarke Theatre as part of the Mission Coffee House Series!!  Last time I was in that room, it was for a music camp I did a few years back with the Sabir Sisters and David Francey.  Perhaps I’ll bust out a few songs that I wrote during that week….I came away with some beauties!!

Looking forward to seeing some familiar Mission faces!


Victoria Folk Music Society Tonight!!

Michael AverillVictoriaFolkSociety2015

Intimate Ten Ten Tapas Show & Jam Workshop

Tons of fun happening this weekend!

1. Learn how to jam, or be challenged with some new tricks if you are experienced (Sat. 1-3pm)

2. A romantic dinner and music evening at the beautifully scenic Ten Ten Tapas right off the sea wall (Sun. 7:00-9:15pm).

Jam LanguageFeb2015



Okanagan Tour this Week!

Very excited to be coming back to the Okanagan for a few performances this week/weekend.

*Having a chill story telling session on Wednesday (28th) as the feature of OUR Coffeehouse, put on by the Artists for Creative Alliance at Reid Hall – 7pm, $5

*Going up to Silver Star Mountain Saloon on Thursday (29th) to play an after ski/snowboard wind down 3-6pm

*Lastly…..BRINGING THE BAND TO FERNANDO’S TO ROCK OUT ON SATURDAY (31ST)!!!  9PM.  Can’t wait to introduce ma Drummer, Darren Beattie, and ma Bass man, Matt Langill. Dancing boots highly recommended for this evening :).

Michael Averill-3



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

IMG_1628Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and share the latest of a family tradition.

My mother has been painting windows like this since she was a little girl, and got me started on it around 20 years ago.  I just finished this one in time for Christmas.  Thanks to my old duo mate Jen Miller for the Christmas card that had this Santa picture on it!

Have a wonderful holiday,


Video with Shera Kelly and Upcoming Shows

I have had the pleasure of being a part of a really cool project called Everyday Music a number of times now with different artists, and wanted to share one I played some backup percussion on recently.

Introducing the lovely Shera Kelly, and her song “Uprising.”

You can find out more about the project (1000 songs, by 1000 artists, in 1000 days) and the man behind it (Rod Matheson) by clicking on the picture below.



December Shows:

Dec. 5th/6th – Jack’s Waterfront Pub, Tofino, BC, 9pm.  Friday is a Christmas night!

Dec. 12th – Luke’s, Vancouver, 9pm, Full Band with Darren Beattie and Matt Langill

Dec. 15th – Railway Club, Vancouver, 8:30pm, $7, with Sister Speak and Colby Ramsay

Dec. 19th – Deep Cove Coffee House, 7:30pm, Mt. Seymour United Church

Dec. 20th – Luke’s, Vancouver, 9pm, solo set

Happy Halloween!


Hahahaha….Well…here we are… of my favourite days of the year, and I have a cold…..Bums!  Since I couldn’t go out and be Halloweeny, I decided I would be creative nonetheless.  I noticed our trusty guard spider outside today working away, and videoed the process….However, it wasn’t complete on its own, so I recorded a cover of one of my favourite all time songs to go with it’s awesomeness….Hope you enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

New Artistic Friend on the Road

People often ask me if I like being on the road, and usually imply that it is a very tough go.  I admit that there are times when I feel the pull of home and miss my loved ones and friends, but getting out and seeing new places brings something very special to me.

I actually love being out on the road, on the water, in the air, underground..haha…where ever you can go, I am a big fan.  However, it is not for the feeling of “getting away,” or escaping as it is often referred to, that I enjoy so much.  Having a career as a touring musician demands frequent travel, but beyond that, I am ultra fascinated with how things work in different places around the world.  That, and meeting the people that live in all these wonderful areas that make them great.

Just wanted to take a moment to share with you something that came my way recently.  During the summer, while I was performing on VIA Rail coming back from Toronto, I met a whole cast of outstanding individuals.  I want to introduce you to one of them – Prashant Miranda!  (Click on the photo to see his work and blog).


Prashant is an incredible water colour painter, also the fastest one I have ever encountered, a vibrant personality, and a wicked singer.  One of the last performances I had on the train, he belted out a few beauties on the guitar in a group jam, and it was awesome.

Earlier in the trip, I initiated the writing of a song with the passengers that essentially took 2 days to complete. Prashant lent massive insight and inspiration into the tune, and perhaps I will post it when I make a recording of it.  However, in the span of a few minutes in the first session, Prashant whipped this up – look below. Recognize that crazy character?  haha.  Prashant journals this way, and the whole train trip, among other adventures, is on his blog.  Take a moment to check out his site and work.  You may find some familiar places in his paintings :).  Honour to meet you and spend time Prashant!


Show Tonight At Governor’s Pub In Sydney, Cape Breton

Trogdor Governor's poster 2014

31 Shows in 41 Days



As of Friday July 18th, I’m packing my trusty guitar on Via Rail, and headed east for a full on summer tour.  I’ll be sharpening all my new songs before recording my new upcoming album in September, and I’d love your feedback!  If you happen to be in any of the above locations at the assigned times, drop me a line –, as I’d love to see ya.  I’m going as far as St. John’s NFLD, and back to Tofino, BC, so it’s literally a coast to coast tour.  Can’t wait to see some familiar eastern faces :).


Michael Averill and Shawna Caspi Play CocoaNymph’s Last Show June 6th

cocoanymph june 6


Greetings, and happy June 1st!

There is going to be a very special show this Friday June 6th in Vancouver (10th and Alma) at CocoaNymph.  I will be playing an intimate acoustic set along side singing/guitar wizard/Toronto native – Shawna Caspi, for what is to be the last show CocoaNymph will ever hold.

Rachel, the founder of this amazing Vancouver icon and avid supporter of community, has given so much to so many people over the years, and my heart sinks to see this venue close its doors.

Come down Friday to enjoy some heart felt songs, and to give thanks/hugs to Rachel Sawatzky and her team.   They created such a positive and welcoming space for anyone to come to, and have truly had  an impact on the community.  Feel free to bring stories of how Rachel and CocoaNymph have positively affected you, and let’s celebrate together the old fashioned way :).



Vancouver Island Walking Tour Finishes

After a few weeks and a couple hundred Kilometers of adventuring, I am happy to say my Vancouver Island walking tour is complete.  It was an absolute thrill to get to know the island and its lovely people, and I can’t wait to come back in the fall.

Thanks to all who were incredibly supportive and welcoming.  It was amazing to make so many great new connections.

This sign I saw on one of my walks below says all that needs saying about Vancouver Island…….


I just wrote a new Bard’s Blog called “I Saw The Signs…In Comox!”  that highlights a specific walk from Courtenay to Comox.  Click on the above photo to read, and to see some more fun pictures 🙂

So far, totaled with last summer on the east coast, I have walked 821 km of Canadian soil!  Looking forward to the next round…….

Vancouver Island Walking Tour Scenery




I’d Rather Walk Through Vancouver Island…



I am most happy to report I began my Vancouver Island portion of my walking tour on Sunday May 4th in Victoria, and thus far has proved amazing!  There will be some fun stories to follow, but for now, just an update with new shows that have sprung up.

May 9th – Jack’s Waterfront Pub w/Windborn, Tofino, BC, 9pm

May 10th – Char’s Landing, Port Alberni, BC, 8pm

May 12th – Duncan Showroom, Duncan, BC, 8pm

May 16th – Nanaimo Folk Connection Coffee House, Nanaimo BC, 7pm

If anyone is interested in a walk in any of these locations, feel free to message me at