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New song “Once You Know,” now available online in support of the On Root Project in Haida Gwaii

Back in July, I was invited to travel to Haida Gwaii, BC to participate in an artist residency organized by the good folks behind the On Root Project.  The purpose of this project is to expose various artists to the beauty of the old growth forests, to contrast that with the devastation of the clear cuts, and to create an artistic work from the experience as a result.

Interacting with the community through shared stories and song was a powerful and rewarding experience, and I left with a heightened understanding of what proper stewardship of the land means.  Unfortunately, clear cutting and overfishing are accelerating at unsustainable rates, and a pooled community effort is needed to protect and regulate the wellness of these vulnerable ecosystems.

I composed “Once You Know,” in support of the On Root Project’s mission to raise awareness, and to help create dialogue regarding positive solutions for the long term health of our forests and oceans.  Knowing is one thing, but knowledgable action is of most importance.

What can you do?  Download “Once You Know,” here, and share/post/re-post this link.  The song is available for free, and sharing widely with those you think would connect to this is encouraged.  If you feel compelled to financially support this initiative, any contributions/donations will be payed forward to the efforts of the On Root Project in their pursuit of strengthening land and ocean stewardship practices in Haida Gwaii and beyond.

Once You Know

“Once You Know,” is presently available on Bandcamp, and will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and all other platforms very soon.

Happy New Day, New Path, New Legend…

Exactly a year ago, I wrote a bard’s blog called Happy New Day (click to read), a post that focused on making the most of every day you have.  I started today seeing off a great musician friend of mine from Vancouver who came to do some shows with me in Kelowna – Jen Miller  (Check out her stuff…she’s..dare I say..beyond radical in every way awesome!) – and followed that up with a reflective walk down the boardwalk near the Grand Hotel.

A great deal has happened this passed year, and I have loved every minute of the adventure, and everyone I have shared it with.  One of the major highlights was my experience in Nepal with Climb For Change.  Every day of that expedition was about discovery, exploring new paths, and sharing among our team new legends in the form of our shared story.

It was in the sacred Nar Phu Valley that I developed my now current philosophy – “New Day, New Path, New Legend,” and I thought it a fitting title for the 5 song album I wrote inspired by the journey.  From environmental commentary on responsibility, to questioning the usage of our words, “New Day, New Path, New Legend,” shines an inquisitive light on global cultural interactions and habits uncommonly spoken of, opening dialogue in search of truth, peace of mind, strength, and confidence in the growth of our society.  Two songs from the album – “Nepali Song,” and “Nishta,” were used in the documentary made from the expedition – Beyond The Gates of Phu, a film featured in the fall series of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

Every day is an opportunity to walk a new path – to create a new legend.  I challenge you to do just that in 2013.  So, without further ado, I give you my newest compilation (Click the cover):

Happy New Day, New Path, and all the best on your New Legend!