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CBC Cape Breton Interview – Minstrel of Marine Atlantic: Folk-singing ferry performer sings of love and loss

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Heading out on the train tonight!

SmallHalls - Artist-2I’m very excited to be heading out on my Canadian Summer Tour this evening.  Absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Festival of Small Halls in PEI on the 19th, 20th, and 21st.

Here’s where I’ll be over the next 6 weeks:

June 10-16th – Via Rail Train between Vancouver, BC and Moncton, NB

June 18th – Private House Concert, outside Moncton, NB

June 19th, 20th, 21st – Festival of Small Halls, PEI

June 24th-29th – Marine Atlantic Ferry between North Sydney, NS, and Argentia, NFLD

July 2nd – Private House Concert, Nova Scotia

July 4th – Music Mondays, Alma, NS

July 6th-13th – Marine Atlantic Ferry between North Sydney, NS, and Argentia, NFLD

July 16th-17th – Montreal, QB

July 18th-20th – Ottawa, Oakville, Toronto

July 21st – 25th – Via Rail Train between Toronto-Vancouver

Looking forward to catching up with old friends, and making new ones!!


Italian Opera and shows on the West Coast


Well…I have arrived back home in Vancouver after an action packed, experience rich adventure through central Canada and the Eastern Coast.  Huge thanks to Via Rail, Marine Atlantic, and all those who hosted shows, hosted me, and shared your wonderful stories.  It’s always great to meet so many new people from all over the world, and extra special to bump into familiar faces on the other side of this massive country.

I’m kicking off performing back west playing at one of my old faves on Aug. 11th – The Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe!  I’ve been away the last few summers, and really missed playing at this beautiful spot.   I’m also back playing with my trio mates, Darren Beattie and Matt Langill at Luke’s Corner Bar on Aug. 14th, and with touring Toronto Singer/Songwriter, Shawna Caspi at Skinny Fat Jack’s on Saturday eve.

More upcoming shows for August and September can be found here.

Lastly, while I was coming back home, I had a day stop over in Toronto.  I love going down to the beach off of Queen Street East, and sitting by Lake Ontario.  Out of no where, a gentleman named Salvatore emerged, and began serenading me… never know who you’ll meet on the road :).

Artwork on the Waves

IMG_1936In case you’re wondering what I look like while playing on the Marine Atlantic Ferry between Newfoundland and Cape Breton…here it is.  I even levitate!  haha.

I have had a great week playing on the boat, and like other years, have met so many amazing people.  One such gentleman, the artist behind the drawing above (Felix Belisle-Laliberte), was on his may back to Montreal from a huge bicycle trip.  Here he is……


I’ve got 2 more days on the Vision (that’s the boat I’m on), and then playing a show at Governor’s in Sydney on Friday evening. Looking forward to doing these shows, and then heading back home on the train!  Until then, big thanks to Felix for sharing your drawing (safe travels to you), and all the best to everyone I have met this week.  I have a feeling I’ll be crossing paths with a lot of you down the road!


31 Shows in 41 Days



As of Friday July 18th, I’m packing my trusty guitar on Via Rail, and headed east for a full on summer tour.  I’ll be sharpening all my new songs before recording my new upcoming album in September, and I’d love your feedback!  If you happen to be in any of the above locations at the assigned times, drop me a line –, as I’d love to see ya.  I’m going as far as St. John’s NFLD, and back to Tofino, BC, so it’s literally a coast to coast tour.  Can’t wait to see some familiar eastern faces :).


An East Coast Summer Recap

6 days on a train, and I arrive at a different ocean….drenched to the bone as if I had jumped in the ocean….I know I am in Vancouver….haha.

What a summer it was, and thanks to all those who followed the journey and offered their support and kind words of encouragement along the way.  There was a great deal that happened, and I have done my best to represent it on the webpage and through facebook, but there are so many fun details, so I thought I would post a very quick summary of as much as I could remember.  If you would like to hear more about any specific point(s), send me a note, and I’ll take you out for tea :).

Here we go!  Highlights of Summer in the east coast 2013, in no particular order:

Busked my way to owning a fiddle, had first fiddle session jam with JP Cormier, played my way on Via Rail across the country and back, met Dave Gunning, jammed with Charlie Acort, caught up with awesome east coast musicians Jim Dorie and Kev Corbett, crossed paths with the entire Plaskett family..multiple times, volunteered in 2 festivals, played in one of them on my first open air stage, met Jian Ghomeshi, camped on the north and south shores of PEI under star lit nights, camped on the east shore of newfoundland over looking the ocean from high cliffs, did 6 CBC interviews, had my first TV interview on Corner Brook Cafe with Wendy Woodland, hung out and jammed with Sherman Downey and his wicked band, hiked with the Island Trails Group in PEI, lost 9 pints of blood to mosquitoes on one of those trails, had a few articles written about the adventure, busked on the Halifax and Charlottetown Harbour fronts, walked barefoot in white and red sands, saw a Spirit of Newfoundland Dinner Theater, shared the stage with the Irish Decendents/The Pathological Lovers/The Sadies, walked approximately 500 kilometers, picked wild blueberries in the outback of Newfoundland, stood on the furthest east point of Canada, bought a bat-moose t-shirt, played on the Atlantic Ocean on the Marine Atlantic Ferry..saw whales and porpoises during this time, played at the famous Agricola house Open Mic in Halifax, played The Dunk in PEI twice, kayaked the Charlottetown harbour, swam in a gypsum quarry lake near the bay of fundy at sunset, wrote a ton of new songs, made recordings of 6 of them, wandered around Twillingate Isle and played at the Anchor Inn 2 nights, tried blueberry iceberg wine infused with Screech rum, taught and gave a performance in my first school event, learned a bit about playing the button accordion, met and stayed with a traditional Acadian family, developed a stronger relationship with the elements…particularly the wind, spread some of my dad’s ashes near the sea, connected with people who jammed with my father in the Yukon in the mid 70’s, bumped into people I hadn’t seen from the Okanagan in 16 years, played several open mics/house concerts/random street/coffee shop performances, met Leah Parsons – changed my life and am now motivated to help bring more awareness and education towards bullying and sexual assault, held community group walks, teamed with Hike Nova Scotia for one of them, played a home festival event called Shedfest, frequented many Tim Horton’s for my office spaces, hiked a portion of the east coast trail, moved a heck a lot of festival barriers, saw my first firefly, learned that “lunch,” to the Irish means “late night snack,” slept in a park in the middle of St. John’s, attended a “Flash Park,” attended a Pictou Garden Club event, ate wonderful farm/garden grown food, tried the Haligonian “Donair,” and although it is good, I’m not all that crazy on the “Donair sauce,” everyone raves about..haha, learned what Mummuring means, still don’t understand how you can say “Yes b’y,” to women, learned many awesome Newfoundland phrases, met three conspiracy theorists while busking, nose flute soloed with Amy and Rachel Beck in PEI, made my first fire on my own, slept in my tent on a bouncy bush, skyped a whole lot, met a legion of Volkswagon van die hards, missed every busker festival and Great Big Sea numerous times….celebrated the birth of a new niece from very far away, enhanced my understanding of what I want in life, increased desire to build a house and grow a garden, had some great discussions about important topics, drank ginger beer, discovered the beverage “Dark and Stormy,” shed some tears, had some great laughs, met so many wonderful caring people, and overall……..loved every blinkin minute of it!

Thanks again for all that shared in the beginning of this quest.  Looking forward to catching up with old friends, and seeing new ones in the east in about a year :).