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New album out today from Julia Spitale!

Today is a unique day, and I’d like to share something special of a good friend of mine. North Vancouverite, Julia Spitale, just released a new 5 song EP/album today, and I wanted to post it here for you to listen to (Click here, or on the album cover below and scroll down once on her site).

I had the pleasure of producing this project with Julia (titled Good Again), and it’s the first time I’ve recorded another artist this way.  Julia is a lovely writer with powerful messages in her songs about mental health, overcoming grief, and holding strong through difficult times with the people we love.  Sit down, get cozy, and have a good take it in session with these 5 songs.  Enjoy, and happy to hear any thoughts or feelings on this.

*This whole album was completed at the Vancouver Public Library Inspiration Lab, and was a delight to work on!  For those who are unaware, the downtown library in Vancouver has studios you can utilize to record music, video, podcasts, as well as a variety of amazing multi-media production equipment.  They offer wicked courses for free, and is a fantastic resource.  I took a 4 week Documentary Film Making course in March with award winning film producer, Julia Ivanova, and I learned so much!

Check out Julia’s songs, check out the library, live long, and do fun things with good people :).



April Shows In BC…..

Happy April Everyone!

I just got back to Vancouver after an amazing Alberta tour, and was welcomed back to Cherry Blossoms blooming all over the city.  While Cherry Blossom gazing, I came across this unusual phenomenon……….If you can figure out what this is and where this is, come to a show or event this month and tell me, and I’ll give you a prize.  Tons of shows and special workshops around BC this month, so here is where you can find me:

April 2nd – Songwriting in Schools, Glen Eagle Secondary 10am-2pm

April 2nd – West Point Grey Community Center – Jam Language Workshop 7:15pm

April 3rd – Cherry Blossom Festival Performance w/full band – Downtown Vancouver 12pm

April 3rd – Pre – Concert Series at Rogue Folk Club w/Shera Kelly on Craig Cardiff night 7pm

April 5th – Live Performance Workshop for musicians – 2:15pm – 6:15pm, Commercial Drive

April 6th – Corduroy Lounge Singer/Songwriter Showcase w/Sandra-Mae, 8pm

April 7th – Live Performance Workshop for musicians – Commercial Drive, 7-9pm

April 8th – Songwriting in Schools, Glen Eagle Secondary 10am-2pm

April 8th – Corduroy Open Jam – 8:30pm

April 10th – Collingwood Community Center Seniors Lunch, 12pm

April 10th – Railway Club w/Thereafter, Lydia Hol, 8pm

April 11th – Jack’s Waterfront Pub, Tofino w/Shera Kelly 9pm

April 13th – Jack’s Waterfront Pub, Tofino w/Shera Kelly 11am-1pm

April 14th – Songs of Old, Lives of New workshop, Collingwood Community Center, 1pm

April 18th – Nanaimo Coffee House, Nanaimo

April 20th – Corduroy Singer/Songwriter Showcase w/Julia Spitale, 8pm

April 23rd – SONG Fundraiser Show, El Azteca

April 26th – West Point Grey Community Center – Jam Language Workshop 1-3pm

April 29th – Aboriginal Peoples Special Event, Westin Bayshore

May 2nd – Luke’s Corner Bar and Kitchen w/Jarrett Plett, 9pm