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Happy Halloween!


Hahahaha….Well…here we are… of my favourite days of the year, and I have a cold…..Bums!  Since I couldn’t go out and be Halloweeny, I decided I would be creative nonetheless.  I noticed our trusty guard spider outside today working away, and videoed the process….However, it wasn’t complete on its own, so I recorded a cover of one of my favourite all time songs to go with it’s awesomeness….Hope you enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Halloween Fun!

Great times had on Halloween!  I was a first generation Ipod Shuffle…haha!  Had a blast playing with the talented Shera Kelly (Peacock mask), Darren Beattie (V for Vendetta mask), Rob Loree and Jeremy Jones (Not in these photos).  Hope you all enjoyed yourself, and thanks to all who sent me pics of their costumes!  Thanks to Ali Bordbar for the wicked photos!