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Say what you need to say


Something happened recently that made me what to share a story.   I was sitting in a sushi restaurant the other day, and overheard a woman telling her friends about an old math teacher she had.  She said that when she got older, this teacher stuck out in her mind as someone who really took the time to connect, and had a profound influence on her life.  She had thought about going back to visit to her old teacher in her hometown to express her gratitude, but kept putting it off.

Many years later, she was chatting with a friend from high school, and this particular teacher came up in the conversation.  The woman said “I’d love to go say thanks to him.”  Her school mate then told her that the teacher passed away 5 or 6 years previous.

The woman was crushed, and then told the people at the table that she really wished she had said what she wanted to when she thought about it originally.  The missed opportunity left her feeling sad, but motivated her to sit down one afternoon to call or email anyone she felt she wanted to thank in some way.

5 years ago today, my Dad (Garry Averill) passed away, and “Thank you,” is something I feel lucky I got to say to him before it was too late.  In honour of my Dad, I’d like to encourage anyone who reads this to call someone that has had an impact in your life, and express your thanks.  It means a lot for them to know, and will feel great for you to say.

Don’t wait – you may not get the chance again.

Say what you need to say when you think to say it

A special day to play your heart out


dad-guitar1Today is a special day.  4 years ago, my father left this world (the young man in the photo above).  That time came with a lot of questions, and the re-evaluation of my life and what I had been doing with it.

It was when I decided I was going to dedicate my time to pursuing music – a path that ironically led me to finding out a great deal more about my father I never knew.  It has drawn me so much closer to my immediate and extended family, as well as a wealth of lovely people I have met on my musical journey.

The above photo inspired a blog I wrote called “Play Your Heart Out,” which then became a song on the album I’ve been walking around Canada.

I can’t explain how powerful the path I have been on since then has been, and I’m writing this now to express my deep thanks to my family and all my new friends for their loving support.  You make every day of my life richer, and I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.

Here’s to my late Dad, Garry Averill, the positive ripples he had on so many people’s lives, and to forever playing your heart out!

Cherry Blossom Interview on Co-op Radio

Had an opportunity to speak with Shannon Waters of Co-op Radio the other day regarding the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Click on the link below to listen.  The interview is between 43min – 52min.

“I’d Rather Walk” Kelowna Album Release Tickets On Sale

Exciting News!!

Something really special just happened – It worked out for me to perform the first night of my album release in Kelowna at Glenmore Elementary, the school my father spent the last 19 years of his career in education.  So delighted to be having it there!

My new album “I’d Rather Walk,” is being printed as you read, and ticket links for the first shows in Kelowna are up for May 10th and 11th.

Overall, there will be 3 shows in my home town – Friday May 10th at the school, and 2 shows on Saturday May 11th in a smaller house concert format (Afternoon & Evening).  Seating for the house concert shows are quite limited, so be sure to get tickets soon if you’d like to come to either of those.

The album will be available online in one week, and in physical form as of the 10th.  I am truly ecstatic to share it with you, and all the wild stories it comes with.


Friday May 10th, 7pm, Glenmore Elementary School, Kelowna, BC

Eventbrite - Michael Averill - I'd Rather Walk Album Release (Garry Averill Tribute)

Saturday May 11th, (Afternoon Show) 1pm, Kelowna House Concert, Kelowna, BC

Eventbrite - Michael Averill - I'd Rather Walk Album Release (Saturday Afternoon)

Saturday May 11th,  (Evening Show) 7pm, Kelowna House Concert, Kelowna, BC

Eventbrite - Michael Averill - I'd Rather Walk Album Release (Saturday Evening)

Standing In My Father’s Past…Literally…

I have to admit – Yesterday I had one of “those” feelings….Not so much a sense of overwhelm, but a sort of nervous/unexplainable awareness you get when you step into a physical environment with a lot of history.  I had an interview at CBC Whitehorse yesterday, and had the chance to stand in the same spot my Dad recorded many many years ago.  See below:

Tim Kinvig, the sound technician that was present for my Dad’s recordings, the man I was initially introduced to via email in January, took both of these photos…..I have a group of friends that I share stories with of large magnitude, and we usually end our stories with the phrase “Mind blown.”

This would be one of those scenarios =


Anyhow, I was very fortunate to speak with David White of CBC, and the interview can be heard by clicking the CBC picture below:


The whole experience was wrapped up with a tour from Tim – Pictures, control consoles that he hand built from scratch, and wonderful stories galore.  So cool!

All of this has got me quite fired up to hit the road to Faro tomorrow…. home of the Farrago Festival where my Dad performed in 1976.  My mom, a couple of old Yukon friends of hers and I, went to the Yukon Archives yesterday after the interview, and were able to hear my Dad’s full festival performance!  What a treasure hunt this has been!

I’ll be playing a show at the Spotlight Theater there, starting at 7pm.  If you’re around or know someone who may be, please pass this on.  It’s going to be a very special evening, and I’m so looking forward to posting about that experience 🙂