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A New Season of Shows

IMG_2021After a wonderful summer of marriage, riding trains across Canada, sailing the Atlantic, and playing excellent shows and festivals around the country, I am excited to be back west, ready for the next chapters.

Playing some new venues and locations this fall, and going to be taking my first trip up to Northern BC in October.  Here is a list of what is to come for September:

Sept. 4th, 2015 – Deep Cove Brewery, North Van, 5:30-7:30pm, Slide guitar special!

Sept. 5th, 2015 – Zend Cafe, Yaletown, Vancouver, 7pm-9pm, Intimate show

Sept. 8th, 2015 – Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe, 4-8pm, Chillax on the most beautiful patio in Vancouver

Sept. 11th/12th, 2015 – Jack’s Pub, Tofino, BC, w/Matt Langill, 9pm, Big jams in little surf town!

Sept. 15th, 2015 – Hosting Corduroy Lounge, Kitsilano, 7pm, Open Jam, Grab your Gee-tar, and play me a tune!

Sept. 18th, 2015 – Fernando’s, Full Band, Kelowna, 9pm, $10, This will be all kinds of fun!

Sept. 19th, 2015 – Private Wedding, Special event

Sept. 29nd, 2-15 – Hosting Corduroy Lounge, Kitsilano, 7pm, Open Jam, Rock out near the beach!



Phenomenal Shows, Workshops, and Walks

It has been an incredible week in the Okanagan!  I have thanks and shout outs for many:

-To all the folks at the Artists for Creative Alliance for having me last Wednesday for a beautifully intimate show.  All the open mic performers were incredible!

-To Silver Star for having me play at The Saloon, and to Jim for making the drive :).

-To Tiger Moon for a wild western show on Friday!  Listen to their wonderful music and beautiful harmonies.

-To Darren Beattie, Jenny Brook, and Matt Langill coming down from Vancouver to come play with me full band for a huge Fernando’s show.

-To all my workshop participants who seriously rocked it and gave it your all.

-To the Songwriter’s Stewdio for having me as a feature and producer last night!

-To my family and new friends that joined me on walks these last few days.  Below are a couple of cool moment pictures from these walks.

You all rock!  I am over the moon with excitement from this week.  Can’t wait to come back!!



Okanagan Tour this Week!

Very excited to be coming back to the Okanagan for a few performances this week/weekend.

*Having a chill story telling session on Wednesday (28th) as the feature of OUR Coffeehouse, put on by the Artists for Creative Alliance at Reid Hall – 7pm, $5

*Going up to Silver Star Mountain Saloon on Thursday (29th) to play an after ski/snowboard wind down 3-6pm

*Lastly…..BRINGING THE BAND TO FERNANDO’S TO ROCK OUT ON SATURDAY (31ST)!!!  9PM.  Can’t wait to introduce ma Drummer, Darren Beattie, and ma Bass man, Matt Langill. Dancing boots highly recommended for this evening :).

Michael Averill-3



Happy 2015, Upcoming Shows, and Inventions

Greetings All, and Happy New Year!

I hope the holidays have been fantastic for everyone out there, whether you wanted rest, action, sunshine, or snow :).

I have had a really nice time back in the Okanagan with family, and wanted to share a picture below of something that we did on New Year’s Eve.  Ended up playing a bunch of board games with my lady and nieces, and after a few rounds of Jenga, we started “adapting,” the game.   The challenge given in the picture below was to make an arched bridge, high enough for the game box to pass under like a boat.

Try it for yourself, and make a new design……..not the easiest of tasks!  If you try, email your pictures to


I’m looking forward to getting back to playing and touring this year, and here is where I will be in January:

Jan. 3rd – Luke’s, Vancouver, 9pm, Solo Show

Jan. 9th – Luke’s, Vancouver, 9pm, Full Band

Jan. 10th – Jam Workshop, West Point Grey Community Center, $15, 1-3pm

Jan. 11th – Vancouver City Limits Feature, 1216 Bute, 6-8pm

Jan. 12th – Brix, Yaletown/Vancouver, 7:30pm, Solo

Jan. 16th – Howe Sound Brewery, Squamish, 8:30pm, Solo

Jan. 17th – Luke’s, Vancouver, 9pm, Solo Show

Jan. 23rd – Luke’s, Vancouver, 9pm, Full Band

Jan. 28th – OUR Coffee House, Kelowna, 7:30pm, $5, Solo Story Show

Jan. 29th – Silver Saloon, Silver Star Mountain, Vernon, 3-6pm

Jan. 31st – Fernando’s, Kelowna, Full Band, 9pm, $10

See you around soon, and remember to have fun with Jenga!  haha.