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All We Ever Need release show at St. James Hall a huge success!


Photo by Nicoleta D

After 4 years of build up, writing, walking, rewriting, walking some more, collaboration, sweat, blood, tears, and laughter….all of it came to beautiful fruition at St. James Hall on Friday night.  Meet the cast of characters that helped me to bring All We Ever Need into this world.  From the left, Jon Anderson, Natalie Ramsay, Bre McDaniel, Shera Kelly, Darren Beattie, Me, Chris Couto, Colleen O’Connor, and Heather Hay!  What an honour it was to play to a packed house with this all star team.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all the wonderful supporters who contributed to the fundraiser, and to the Creative BC/BC Music Fund team for helping to make this project real.  With the new album in hand and properly launched, so starts the action of this project with all that was intended for it – increasing connection, building community, and growing the love!  Giddy up folks.  Giddy up!!



Album Recording Finished!!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAA????  Exsqueeze me?  Baking powder?  haha.  Yup, you read correctly!  After 90+ hours of recording over the month of October, my upcoming album, All We Ever Need, has been completely laid down!  It was a marathon that literally came down to the last 5 seconds of time I had in the studio, and what has resulted is absolute magic!  As we speak it is going through the mixing stages, followed by the mastering process, and I am so thrilled to hear it on the other end.

So many highlights throughout this experience.  One of them was having the likes of master percussionist, Chris Couto of Kutapira (and many other groups), lend his skills on conga and djembe for a couple of songs!

Big thanks to all who played on this (Shera Kelly, Blake Williams, Darren Beattie, Chris Couto, and Jon Anderson), and for all who helped contribute to make this kind of album a reality.  There are some wonderful surprises in store for you all :).




Recording of All We Ever Need has begun!!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I can’t think of a better day to post this.  I began the recording of my new album  (All We Ever Need) with Jon Anderson on Friday and Saturday, and will continue on and off throughout this month and early November.  The first couple of days have been fantastic, and it’s sounding pretty sweet!  Brought in a couple of characters to contribute their musicality to a couple of tunes (Darren Beattie and Shera Kelly), and as you can see below, they know how to candidly pose for a camera :).

I am so thankful for all the support that made the recording of this album possible!  It’s been an overwhelming experience to hear back how it is already taking shape.  You guys and gals are gonna love it!

Enjoy the weekend, and more updates soon!




Phenomenal Shows, Workshops, and Walks

It has been an incredible week in the Okanagan!  I have thanks and shout outs for many:

-To all the folks at the Artists for Creative Alliance for having me last Wednesday for a beautifully intimate show.  All the open mic performers were incredible!

-To Silver Star for having me play at The Saloon, and to Jim for making the drive :).

-To Tiger Moon for a wild western show on Friday!  Listen to their wonderful music and beautiful harmonies.

-To Darren Beattie, Jenny Brook, and Matt Langill coming down from Vancouver to come play with me full band for a huge Fernando’s show.

-To all my workshop participants who seriously rocked it and gave it your all.

-To the Songwriter’s Stewdio for having me as a feature and producer last night!

-To my family and new friends that joined me on walks these last few days.  Below are a couple of cool moment pictures from these walks.

You all rock!  I am over the moon with excitement from this week.  Can’t wait to come back!!



Halloween Fun!

Great times had on Halloween!  I was a first generation Ipod Shuffle…haha!  Had a blast playing with the talented Shera Kelly (Peacock mask), Darren Beattie (V for Vendetta mask), Rob Loree and Jeremy Jones (Not in these photos).  Hope you all enjoyed yourself, and thanks to all who sent me pics of their costumes!  Thanks to Ali Bordbar for the wicked photos!