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Before I die….

Walking Blog and The Powers of Love

I wanted to take a moment and update you guys with regards to how I am going to be posting about the walking tour going forward.  I knew from the beginning that this trip was going to be very special, and I have been constantly toiling with how best to share it with you.

The true essence of this project, and everything I work towards, revolves around people, the connections that exist between human beings, and sharing stories that inspire, educate, and help others grow.   I have had so many encounters with the most amazing individuals over the last few weeks, I could write a book on it.  However, what I feel is best is to share not just my journey, but positive tales of others journeys that I meet on the way.  There is no lack of heavy/sad stories out in the media, so I’d like to make this site a place of zen and happiness.

Now….While in PEI, I had the delightful opportunity to spend an afternoon with a man I met through the Island Trails Walking Group in PEI.  He invited me to go kayaking with him in the Charlottetown harbour post walk.  Whilst paddling, bathed in sweet sunshine, I asked him how he found his way to PEI, and he shared a beautiful story with me.

In 1970, he drove from Saskatchewan to meet his girlfriend in Toronto to spend Christmas together, and they went to New York for New Years Eve together.  At that time, she had a job in PEI.

After New Years, the man simply offered to drive his lady home……TO PEI!….and off they went.  Upon arriving on the island, he thought to himself…”I still have 5 holidays from my job….if I can find a job in PEI in that time, I’m not going back.”

And sure enough…he found a situation with a farmer working in machinery – never went back.  Happy as a clam since!  The straight up faith and romance of this story floored me.  What a lovely reminder of the powers of love!

Looking forward to sharing more tales of the unique individuals I am meeting on the way!