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CBC Cape Breton Interview – Minstrel of Marine Atlantic: Folk-singing ferry performer sings of love and loss

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Gift in the Mail

I think one of the greatest ways to experience a surprise is receiving something special through the mail.  I mean, good surprises are awesome regardless, but when something arrives in your mail box you weren’t expecting, it’s the coolest feeling!

I had this happen to me the other day, and it’s really special.  My last post referred to an artist – Prashant Miranda – that I met on the train.  This story is from someone else I met on the same journey – a kind woman named Bev.

During one of my performances, I was speaking about my Dad’s link to CBC’s Peter Gzowski (Click here if you don’t know the back story), and shared the story of how my Dad’s song became a theme for Peter’s show for a short time frame.   Now, a couple of years ago, when I was researching into my Dad’s history for “I’d Rather Walk,” I wanted to connect with Peter, but found out he had passed away a few years previous.  I knew Peter was a major Canadian icon and did a tremendous amount for the arts and culture in Canada, but I didn’t know that much about him.

Back to the train – Bev, who was listening, spoke up and mentioned she new a man (R.B. Fleming) that had written Peter Gzowski’s biography, and that she would send me his book.

I am always fascinated by the timing of things – this book arrived a day before my Dad’s birthday, with a personal inscription from R.B. Fleming…..Wild!

And so the cycle of connections continues.  Thanks Bev and Rae for sending this my way!

Something to do after reading this – Send someone a surprise in the mail – if you don’t know their postal code, you can find them at Canada Post online.


Vancouver Release Tonight At St. James Hall

The Day Hath Come…………….

Tonight is the big Vancouver release show of my new project  “I’d Rather Walk,” and I am so pumped to be launching it with the wonderful people of The Rogue Folk Club at St. James Hall!!

If you still need tickets and want to be entered for a raffle draw the Rogue does for a free upcoming show, GET THEM ONLINE HERE.  Otherwise, some tickets may be left at the door…..Doors open at 7pm, Show at 8pm.

On another note, I was super fortunate to have an interview with CBC Vancouver on North By Northwest about the upcoming journey. Click the CBC logo below to listen

See you all tonight!!