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New live video for “Thank You,” entered in CBC Searchlight 2017!

Exciting news! CBC has just started their 2017 round of Searchlight, a national program that helps bring new Canadian music to your lovely ears. I have entered it this year, and have put in a new song and video in lieu of my upcoming album release “All We Ever Need.” The song is called “Thank You,” featuring the amazing Chris Couto on Djembe, and is one of the most dearest to my heart.  This is the video I submitted:

(Video filmed and produced by Kale Beaudry

Searchlight works as a mixture of judges opinions as well as crowd voting. You can vote once per day, for any and as many artists as you like. I am one out of 12 in the “Folk,” category for “Vancouver City.”

Click the “Searchlight Vote Now” picture below to vote for “Thank You.”
Round 1 goes from today till February 27th at 3pm. The prizes for this are pretty special, and include mentorship, a chance to write a song for Canada’s 150, and some incredible performance opportunities with CBC’s festivals around Canada Day in Ottawa.

I am inviting you to participate in this journey with me, however far it goes. You can vote once per/day at the above link, and I appreciate all and any help. If you connect to it, or think of someone else who might enjoy this song and its message, feel free to share!

*For the Facebookers out there, feel free to join the EVENT PAGE  and follow along for some entertaining, humourous, and uplifting daily voting reminders.

Lastly, there are a few other artists that I know and have personally played with before that are in my category. They are well worth looking into. If you feel inclned, vote for them too. They are fantastic people, and amazing musicians, and you can vote for as many artists as you like:

Natalie Ramsay
Echo Nebraska

Thank you for time!


Searchlight Stirs Up Yukon Kindergarden Connection

So….crazy awesome things are afoot with CBC Searchlight.  One day after signing up for it, my information was shared up in the Yukon, and I received a note from Dave White (CBC Yukon Broadcaster) through Facebook that my song was being played up there!  He did an interview with me on Tuesday, and that can be heard below:

Now here’s where the crazy comes in………within a few hours of this interview going live, I received 5 emails from people that were either taught by my father in Mayo, Yukon as far back as 1974, taught with him, or were a part of his weekly guitar group that he and my Mom used to run out of their place.

All of them sent me their own special memories of my Dad, which is so awesome!

Enter next level craziness…….

One of these notes came from a man in Nanaimo named James, who emailed saying my Dad taught him in Kindergarden ’74, and he had memories of listening to my Dad playing songs to their class.  We emailed back and forth a bit, and the short of it is he drove up to Port Alberni for the show at Char’s Landing last night, and he came with a few friends.  One of them, Charlie, had also gone to the same school, never had my Dad, but knew of him and his playing/singing reputation.

I find it really flipping cool that with the people who have contacted me in the last two years with regards to my Dad’s Yukon history, it seems as if we’ve know each other forever.  It’s like reconnecting with an old friend you haven’t seen in years, but with people you’ve never met!

All of these links have come through CBC broadcasting, and it continues to amaze me how deep it connects to people.  Thanks so much CBC!!  What a fantastic adventure this has been, and I’m sure, will continue to be!

*If you want to vote and share, head in this direction (!/artists/Michael-Averill).  You can vote every day for the next 10 days.  Any effort is greatly appreciated, and if you feel inspired to connect, send me an email –

CBC Searchlight Entry

I have entered the nation wide CBC Searchlight event, an initiative designed to share/showcase a whole whack of new Canadian music.

It is a voting structure, so if you’re down for that, click the photo below, and it will take you to the place you can do it.  Just scroll down the page past my face, and you’ll see an icon that says “VOTE.” Click on that, and it will say “VOTED.”  Easy peasy!!

MichaelCBCSearch2015jpgThere are a lot of great musicians in this from all over the country.  If you use Facebook, go to my music page, and you’ll find an “Event,” I made for this that links to other friends that are worth checking out.  Hope you discover someone new that you like!

You can vote everyday, for up to 10 artists, so have a blast!