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Let it be known that today…..I put on matching socks!

No Fools….Just Gold!!

Today is a special day….

It is a day for playing practical jokes, sharing laughs, and not taking life too seriously….so make sure you have fun ;).   It also happens to be my last day of my Alberta tour, and it has been a wonderful few weeks of shows and adventures with friends and family.  Thank you so much to all I encountered, to those who hosted concerts, and to those who put me up.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Tomorrow….I head to the Yukon in pursuit of deepening my understanding of my next project – a tribute album to my father.  If you’re unfamiliar with the story, last time in Alberta I met a man in an Irish pub whose father booked mine in the only folk festival he ever played almost 40 years ago up in the town of Faro, YK.  It led to an email introduction to the original sound engineer and producer from CBC that recorded my Dad, and it  redefined the notion of “small world,” for me! haha

I am going to meet a variety of people with stories or involvement from that time, and my mom is joining me in this adventure – Really excited to share this experience with her!  Super pumped to be doing a show in the festival town my Dad performed (Faro), in.  That will be at the Spotlight Theater on April 6th.

Anyhow, when all this went down in January, I wrote a song after one of my morning walks that touched on this.  It is the most recent song I have written, and was the first one I recorded for the new album.  I made a video in Kelowna performing it live, and thought today would be the day to release it.  Enjoy – “Golden Breeze”

Looking forward to sharing the stories from this coming week!