Standing In My Father’s Past…Literally…

I have to admit – Yesterday I had one of “those” feelings….Not so much a sense of overwhelm, but a sort of nervous/unexplainable awareness you get when you step into a physical environment with a lot of history.  I had an interview at CBC Whitehorse yesterday, and had the chance to stand in the same spot my Dad recorded many many years ago.  See below:

Tim Kinvig, the sound technician that was present for my Dad’s recordings, the man I was initially introduced to via email in January, took both of these photos…..I have a group of friends that I share stories with of large magnitude, and we usually end our stories with the phrase “Mind blown.”

This would be one of those scenarios =


Anyhow, I was very fortunate to speak with David White of CBC, and the interview can be heard by clicking the CBC picture below:


The whole experience was wrapped up with a tour from Tim – Pictures, control consoles that he hand built from scratch, and wonderful stories galore.  So cool!

All of this has got me quite fired up to hit the road to Faro tomorrow…. home of the Farrago Festival where my Dad performed in 1976.  My mom, a couple of old Yukon friends of hers and I, went to the Yukon Archives yesterday after the interview, and were able to hear my Dad’s full festival performance!  What a treasure hunt this has been!

I’ll be playing a show at the Spotlight Theater there, starting at 7pm.  If you’re around or know someone who may be, please pass this on.  It’s going to be a very special evening, and I’m so looking forward to posting about that experience 🙂


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