CBC Searchlight Entry

I have entered the nation wide CBC Searchlight event, an initiative designed to share/showcase a whole whack of new Canadian music.

It is a voting structure, so if you’re down for that, click the photo below, and it will take you to the place you can do it.  Just scroll down the page past my face, and you’ll see an icon that says “VOTE.” Click on that, and it will say “VOTED.”  Easy peasy!!

MichaelCBCSearch2015jpgThere are a lot of great musicians in this from all over the country.  If you use Facebook, go to my music page, and you’ll find an “Event,” I made for this that links to other friends that are worth checking out.  Hope you discover someone new that you like!

You can vote everyday, for up to 10 artists, so have a blast!



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