Care For A Walk?

As the sun sets over one land, it rises on another, and so begins movement towards my next project.  Some of you are aware of the journey I am embarking on starting this summer with the release of a new album.  If you don’t…I’ll give you a involves walking….muchos muchos muchos walking.  More info will come in time, but I wanted to extend an invitation to you all related to the concept:

*I am committing to starting every morning from here on in with a minimum of an hour walk, in whatever city I am.  If you are in the area, and feel like joining me, email for time and location, and I’ll see you out in the open air.

Date specific locations can be found on the new “Walk With Michael,” tab to the upper right.

Looking forward to sharing a whole new chapter with you.

(Photo by Eric Saczuk from the Village of Nar in Nepal)


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